September 10, 2010

Online configurator for the new Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

The Continental GT has only just been unveiled and already Bentley is giving potential owners the chance to customize their Continental GT. The online configurator is called the "Visualiser" and it allows you to see your Continental GT in one of 14 exterior colors, a range of wheel designs, and numerous interior choices. Not exactly the perfect configurator on the market, but at least everyone will be able to get an idea of what Bentley has to offer!

All you have to do is get online and start having some fun!

Refresher: The new Continental GT gets a more upright grille with new headlamp design, in traditional four-lamp format and LED daylight-running lamps, a bootlid inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne and flared elliptical exhaust tailpipes. Under the hood there is a 6.0 liter W12 powertrain that delivers a total of 567 HP and 700 NM of torque. The car sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and can hit a top speed of 198 mph.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety names the 21 Best Booster seats

Seat Safety

It’s good to see that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is doing their job by providing us with some very good equipment aimed at keeping our kids safe. The IIHS recently tested 72 booster seats and out of those, 21 come highly recommended as Best Bets, 7 were put down as Good Bets and 8 were simply not recommended at all. As for the other 36 seats tested… we’re actually not sure what happened to those, but have no fear as we’ve got a list of the ones available for purchase. Up until 2008 there was no federal standard as to how children were supposed to be belted into booster seats, nor were they evaluated in crash tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Thankfully the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stepped in and has become the benchmark for booster seating testing.

From the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website:

The Institute in 2008 began evaluating boosters to help make selecting appropriate ones less of a guessing game. Since then some manufacturers have adopted the Institute’s test protocol and booster seat fixture to help evaluate belt fit on the new boosters they’re designing.


Britax Frontier 85 (combination highback)
Chicco Keyfit Strada (dual highback)
Clek Oobr (dual highback)
Cosco Juvenile Pronto (dual highback)
Cybex Solution X-Fix (highback)
Eddie Bauer Auto Booster (dual highback)
Evenflo Big Kid Amp (backless)
Evenflo Maestro (combination highback)
Graco TurboBooster Crawford (dual highback)
Harmony Baby Armor (dual highback)
Harmony Dreamtime (dual backless)
Harmony Dreamtime (dual highback)
Harmony Secure Comfort Deluxe (backless)
Harmony Youth Booster Seat (backless)
Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR (dual highback)
Recaro ProBOOSTER (highback)
Recaro ProSPORT (combination highback)
Recaro Vivo (highback)
Recaro Young Sport (combination highback)
Safety 1st Boost Air Protect (dual highback)
The First Years Pathway B570 (highback)

Britax Parkway SG (dual highback)
Combi Kobuk Air Thru (dual backless)
Combi Kobuk Air Thru (dual highback)
Evenflo Symphony 65 (3-in-1 highback)
Graco TurboBooster Sachi (dual highback)
Graco TurboBooster Wander (dual highback)
Maxi-Cosi Rodi (dual highback)

Eddie Bauer Deluxe (combination highback)
Eddie Bauer Deluxe 3-in-1 (highback)
Evenflo Express (combination highback)
Evenflo Generations 65 (combination highback)
Evenflo Sightseer (highback)
Harmony Baby Armor (dual backless)
Safety 1st All-in-One (3-in-1 highback)
Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite (3-in-1 highback)

[Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]

Understanding How GPS Tracking For Cars Works

Have you heard about some of the new technology that makes GPS tracking for cars accessible to normal people like you and me? GPS technology is becoming increasingly available to consumers, and one side effect of this is that GPS has become available for many different applications. Today, parents can have large amounts of information about the location and driving activity of their teens with ease.

The Basics of GPS Tracking :

Right now, as you sit and read this article, there are at least 24 satellites orbiting the earth 11 nautical miles above its surface. They are continuously broadcasting signals that specialized receivers are able to pick up. The data that is transmitted by the satellites is processed by the GPS unit to give the user some type of fix on their own location. The specific items that the receiver is going to need is the place in the sky that the satellite transmitted the data from and when exactly it sent it.

A GPS receiver then processes this data and calculates its distance away from the satellite in question. The device will begin by taking the speed of the signal and multiplying it by the amount of time it took the signal to reach the GPS device. The equation for this looks something like that:

Speed x Time = Distance Traveled

This will tell you just how far away you are from one satellite. However, since the tracker only knows how far away it is from one satellite it cannot tell where it is in the world. One satellite just isn't enough. You really need at least two, but more like three, satellites to be able to get a true picture of where you are on the earth's surface. You might know this principle by the name of trilateration and it is very much like triangulation, except that trilateration is about finding an objects position in three dimensional space while triangulation is about finding an objects location in two dimensional space.

Having calculated its own position, the tracker stores that information on its hard drive and then it does one of two things with that information - keeps it or sends it out. A data logger is what a GPS tracking device for cars is called when it commits the position information to its own internal memory system. This type of device is unable to provide real time GPS tracking. For real time updates you need a data pusher. This device will transmit the information that it processed from the satellites to a central location. Here the data will become available to anyone with access to it - it could be a boss seeking to find the location of a company car or a city employee monitoring worker productivity.

The justifications that some will come up with to use GPS tracking for cars are many and valid. Being a technical whiz is not a requirement if you are trying to use one of these devices. All you need is the money to buy the device and the service. The company that you go with will be able to do the rest. Getting a handle on the company you are going to use is crucial, check them out at the Better Business Bureau or talk to customers of the service. If this type of service is up your alley then you should certainly try GPS tracking for cars.

Benefits Of Using An Auto Transporter For Moving Your Vehicle

Transporting your vehicle from one place to another using an auto transporter is becoming the number one choice for many people. There are many benefits to why transporting your vehicle this way is the smart way to go.

Knowing the reasons why this is the smart way to move your vehicle from one destination to another will allow you to see why so many people choose this method and why it may be your best solution for transporting your automobile.

Below are the most important benefits to know about:

1. Convenience - Having a professional company transport your vehicle for you will provide a big convenience for you. This will allow you to get other important things done so you can be at the final destination on time to pick up your vehicle from the transport company.

2. Saves money - Transporting your vehicle through a company can help you save money on gas or other important upkeep on your automobile to get it safely to your new destination.

Once the vehicle is given to the company they will transport it using their vehicle which saves you from paying for gas and maintenance. It also helps avoid extra wear and tear on your vehicle.

3. Vehicle safely moved - The transport company has many different ways that they can move your vehicle. It will be your choice which method is used but if you choose carefully then you can be sure that your vehicle will arrive safely.

While accidents can happen along the way majority of the time with careful consideration the right transport option can be chosen to ensure your automobile is as safe as it can be on the way to your new destination.

4. Saves time - Not being responsible for getting your automobile from one place to another will save you a lot of time that can be used for getting other important things done.

5. Eliminates stress - Moving a vehicle from one destination to another can be very stressful for anyone. By hiring a professional transporter to do it for you a lot of that stress will be reduced. The less stress you have to deal with the easier you can get things done on time so you can be at the final destination to retrieve your vehicle.

Now that you know these reasons it will be much easier for you to decide if this is your best choice. Take your time to make up your mind but don't take too long to decide because you will need time to hire the right auto transporter for moving your vehicle safely from one destination to another.

September 9, 2010

Mexican Built Mastretta MXT To Debut At Paris Motor Show

The Mastretta MXT prototype from 2007

The Mastretta MXT has been a work in progress since the sports coupe concept was first shown back in 2007. This year’s Paris Auto Show will see the debut of the production Mastretta MXT, billed as a competitor to the Lotus Elise. The company plans production of some 150 cars per year, 70% of which will be exported to the US or the UK.

The production MXT will use a bonded aluminum chassis and a composite body to minimize weight. Power comes from a turbocharged Ford Duratec motor, good for an estimated 238 horsepower. The car will feature a mid-engine, rear drive layout for optimized handling.

Next Ferrari Enzo will be hybrid

Ferrari Enzo

When it comes to the successor for the Ferrari Enzo we’ve heard all kinds of rumors. However, we can now clear some of those up as Ferrari S.p.A. Chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, himself not only talks about the future car, but also about the company’s future.

The next Enzo will be revealed in 2012 and it "will incorporate the state of the art of our knowledge in terms of increasing performances while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. It will then influence all Ferraris that appear after it." Under the hood there will be the same gasoline-hybrid technology that is found in the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS concept that was unveiled in March at the Geneva Auto Show. As for the car’s design language, it was previewed in 2007 by the Millechili concept.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo also confirmed that Ferrari will be about "fast cars and fast trains – and no politics", and that despite his 63 years of experience in life, he will continue working for Ferrari: "I want to shape the next product cycle at Ferrari to assure a bright future at a company that has been inextricably intertwined with my life."

Electric Car in-wheel motor Siemens eCorner

Solar Powered Cars

were the elements of nature to man alone created. Each individual must be purchased and it is all in the nature around us. One need only travel and explore the hidden treasures of nature and use it to fulfill his basic needs of life. Something that does not need any searching shines up into the sky. The sun is the basic source of life on Earth. If there is no sun no life would have been possible.

Sun emits light, which is known as the solar energy and you may have heard and studied about solar energy will be used for thousands of purposes. This energy must have been used for heating and thermal power stations, run by solar energy and so on. If you read or hear about these things you simply pass on because this is all too common.

When it comes to solar powered cars it is very likely that you stop and think for a while. It is a promising future prospect and you wish you live long enough to see only solar-powered race car through the streets, no pay no more running out of gas, no waiting in line at the gas station for gasoline. Imagine how quickly you could improve your standard of living.

are solar-powered cars since the mid-19th Century have been. They have risen in number from year to organizations and tend to hold solar powered car race, and every year thousands of people to invest their money and bets on solar-powered cars. The mechanism of these cars is very simple. The batteries installed in these light bodied cars charge themselves from the sun. Then this energy, which they converted into electrical energy so that it helps the engine running.

Now this view is very simple, or rather, it sounds very simple and straightforward. The sun shines every day and it seems not such a problem with these cars. But the fact is that the amount of energy saved makes of these cars at a time them to go in a very slow pace. The road will be leveled and not steep because that requires even more energy. There are even more powerful batteries and more memory.

Have you ever noticed that this is the reason why solar powered cars are small, light weighted, and a person can wear at once? There are many technical facts that make the concept of these cars as vague.

Outdoor Wedding Dresses


Pimped Cars

Mini Cars

It was back in the late 1950s when the car is the first Mini rolled off the first assembly line in England. Fuel rationing has started in England, which was the catalyst for creating unique and this at the time, one of a kind car is quickly becoming a symbol of the British.

Mini was produced from 1959 until as recently as 2000, when production ceased BMC) British cars cars) because of lagging sales. It seems that most of the buyers cars years have developed a taste for less economic and more a more dynamic design models of foreign competition.

However, it was subsequently sold to BMW in 2001 and production was resumed once again under the name of the new BMW Mini. The recent rise in fuel prices, which sent the price of gasoline soared as much as 5 dollars a gallon in the United States that has brought a new generation of car buyers once again to re-discover this jewel in the crown of the car.

He pointed out that the Mini apart from other small cars such as Volkswagen Beatles that had preceded it, was that the Mini, while being small and economical fuel consumption and in spite of that, and far more extensive than the inside of the car. This was achieved by placing the engine side and extend beyond the wheel base to the edge of the cars.

While the measured dimensions of the mini 10'X4'X4 just 'The objective of the three man design team that created it is that a full 80% of the total area of the cars is the mandate of passengers and their luggage. They actually did not achieve this objective, and therefore the reasons which led to the unique shape clothes nest box.

As designs go, the clothes were quite original background with those being the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S models. However, over the years of the new design modifications and changes to allow a prostitute is not looking to become Mini mathematical formulas so much. However, it was three victories clothes in the Monte Carlo Rally in the 60s that really caught the eye in the world, with regard to sporting potential.

Although the Mini has landed roles in a number of movies over the years, it was roles in the recent popular comic spy Austin states that perhaps most famous for. Although Austin Powers led the Jaguar, Mini and clear in the number of impressions in many cameo fill the streets in the background.

In recent years, sales of the Mini has chosen to once again even with the help of changes in the new design a few and being equipped with the safety airbag to make it compatible with the standards of British car. Has also been introduced four new models to the public in recent years, as well as slightly modified by the name of the Mini from Mini.

Another factor for the resurgence of the popularity of car buying public is tired of the so-called fuel efficient cars to turn Tom be narrow and lacking in style. Mini but can always be counted on to carry four passengers in all parts of comfort and elegance, while providing excellent fuel consumption and it also sells for a reasonable price.

Smart Financing Tips For Credit and Cars

Know many people today when you buy a car it is very important to find the best conditions to obtain credit cars. Large solution to credit car financing is a loan that offers the best conditions and the lowest in mice. And the length of the period have a significant impact on pay and will determine definitely if the loan is subject to investigation. Today, even a bad credit record have the options of financing. The key is to take the time to find the financing that is available.

The best terms and cheaper credit for cars and are usually issued by sub prime lenders, car credit. Most of these bad credit car dealers are familiar with the lenders that the version of the best conditions. The question is when you use the deal to get a private loan without you really do not know what conditions it really is. Let me give you an example:
And can be obtained on the rate of 6%. And then will quote an interest rate of the new car buyers from 7.5%. Many ((push the limits on how far they can push new-car buyers on the basis of information gathered about the motives of buyers. In addition, the lender some of the policies on the amount of increase dealer can charge as well, but the car dealer is the client so that they will not do what they need to stay for competitive reasons.
The best way to deal with this scenario B for the credit act like you do not have the motivation and arranged the loan in another place. He also requested a copy of the paper, provided that shows the actual rate. Tell them in advance that you will only accept a nominal rate on the loan, which gets that way they are not double dipping on the sale of the car. There are 1-2%, in addition to credit auto loan can be a large commission to return to the car dealer.

Tried to ask the dealer to increase the quantity and less well paid. If the car dealer usually makes 500 dollars for the sale of the vehicle typically carry trader earns 400 dollars on cars, but can make it in the Commission on the loans, what a difference. Simply get a response back to auto repair or a good excuse than ever that they can justify, or get a car to lower prices and wages and the high rate. There is no doubt that a simple formula to understand some of the financial return for trade apples and apples. This may be more useful for you depending on the particular scenario by getting creative with financing.

So when shopping around for a car and your credit is not very good, and now you know you can negotiate with a number of ways to finance as a tool. The increase in loans to get cash on the back is a favorite among many car dealers, so be aware of them.

Tips For Selecting New Cars

Buying new cars

When people buy a new car, and keep abreast of the latest selections, makes and models. Can begin to withdraw a new car provide happiness and joy. However, at the same time can be very expensive if they were not good in financial terms off. All types of cars sold new in the market, cars for the middle class, and class commercial and sports cars. Whenever you are planning to buy any new cars that are available these days make sure that very well aware of the facts and figures relating to motor vehicles. Identify the objects and the parts that we must look for before making a deal. Browse the web, read books or seek the assistance of friends. To keep yourself informed on the following tips that can make your choice and purchase of any new car easy.

- Be afraid of the ads. Never carry ads that may be attractive. Always make sure your budget and the price of the car you buy. Check the prices of new cars altogether. Luxury cars do not doubt that the best player in a lot of new cars, but if any of the parts breaks you could end up a very large amount of investment in its repair. Therefore, before you buy, ask yourself whether this particular brand of cars, and vice versa is best for you?

For the financial assistance provided by the new car check --. It can also help you to make your choice if you are confused. Also get the car insured as soon as you buy it.

- Before buying, consider the fact whether the new car will be used on a daily basis or occasionally. For everyday use, strong, durable and must choose a car, but users can occasionally resolve those fancy and sensitive. Also verify whether or not parts of the car will be readily available in your area. Do check out the service centers as well.

- Choose the car that is for roads and traffic in your area. For example, you can not run a sports car on the road full of potholes. Although this may seem strange, because it helps to control your emotions when you visit a showroom for new cars and get fascinated by the flashy sports car.

- Put money aside for emergencies. If your car happens to be a new car money wine to be stored in one place can be about 3000 dollars or more.

September 8, 2010

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Fancy Black Diamond Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Set 14k White Gold

Up for sale is this beautiful black diamond ring set which includes an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. The rings are set with natural fancy-black diamonds and are made of solid 14k white gold. The rings are available in all sizes including 1/2 and 1/4 sizes. The sizing is free of charge. Please include your sizing request by clicking on the "Bell Jewels" link, which will allow you to forward an email with your size information. The black diamond rings will be sized and shipped within 2 business days from the payment processed date.

September 7, 2010

Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

GET PROFESSIONAL ULTRASONIC CLEANING RESULTS AT HOME! * This professional jewelers sonic cleaner makes your cherished jewelry sparkle like new in just minutes. * Using no chemical additives, this innovative cleaner employs advanced ultrasonic technology to gently remove dirt, grime and tarnish. * With the push of a button, this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner safely leaves your bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watch bands, coins, dentures, shaver heads, glasses even your delicate pieces with a smooth, gleaming finish. *
 Simply fill the stainless steel tank with water and get dazzling results! * Features: o Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner uses ordinary water never any chemicals! o Watch hanger and basket included for convenient cleaning o Stainless steel tank o Tank size: 1 pint capacity (16 fluid oz, 600 ml) o 42,000 cycle energy wave o 3 minute auto shut off o Quiet operation o 100-120 V, 60 Hz, 35 W power supply o Measures 5" x 8" x 5" (H x W x D) o Cleaning basket measures 2" x 6" x 3 3/4" (H x W x D) Model No: CD-2800

Ferrari bringing fuel-efficient California prototype to Paris?

Ferrari California

Ferrari has plenty in the pipeline, and not just off in the distant future, either. There's a 599 roadster that was shown in secret during this year's Pebble Beach festivities, as well as a handful of 458 derivatives on their way. And that's just the start. Now comes word that the automaker has something big planned for this year's Paris Motor Show.

According to reports coming in from Italy, Ferrari is preparing to unveil another environmentally friendly prototype, similar in concept to the 599 HY-KERS displayed in Geneva earlier this year. This time, though, it'll be a different car and won't use hybrid technology.

Early speculation indicates we'll be seeing a prototype based on the California, but how it differs from the model currently on sale remains to be seen. Instead of a hybrid or start-stop system, reports suggest that Ferrari could be tinkering with such innovations as reducing internal engine friction, cylinder deactivation, streamlined aerodynamics for lower drag and the further use of advanced composites to reduce weight.

Whatever Maranello has in store, we'll find out soon enough when the show opens at the Porte de Versailles later this month.


2011 Bentley Continental GT arrives with new design, optional V8

2011 Bentley Continental GT

The 2011 Bentley Continental GT is just the second generation of the blockbuster coupe that rumbled ashore eight years ago. And frankly, this new one looks a lot like that ancient one, but Bentley would have us believe that this is actually a completely new car. Outside, the bodywork gets all kinds of massaging: prominent front fender lines that roll over the headlights and into the more-upright grille, a more pronounced grille treatment that asserts itself into the lower intake, LED running lamps surrounding the main headlight elements, a double-horseshoe rear-end treatment inspired by the Mulsanne and taillights that curl into the rear fenders. For a start...

More substantively, the 2011 Conti gets a boost in horsepower from its 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine, hitting 567 horsepower and 516 pound-feet. The engine swipes a page from the Continental Supersports playbook and gains flex-fuel capability, accepting any combination of gasoline and E85. To keep you in touch with that power, Bentley's six-speed Quickshift transmission swaps cogs more quickly and does double downshifts. To keep that power in the right place, the rear track is wider, front-to-rear bias of the all-wheel-drive system is now 40/60 front-to-rear, and the coefficient of drag has been reduced to 0.33. 0-60 mph? 4.4 seconds? Top speed? 198 mph.

As of next year, the nominally eco-conscious will be able to get their Continental GT with a 4.0-liter V8. Numbers haven't been released yet, but you can expect it to register high on the horse and torque while getting significantly better gas mileage than its big brother.

Perhaps the best upgrade of all: the interior accoutrements that now boast an eight-inch touchscreen interface, dynamic navigation and Google Maps. Joining that are a sleeker dash, climate-controlled "Cobra" seats sculpted to provide more rear legroom, and leather-lined door pouches with water bottle holders. It's everything the current Continental GT is.

[Source: Bentley]

Lamborghini teases new supercar ahead of Paris debut

Lamborghini teaser

Step-by-step unveilings of new car models can be a painfully slow affair, but when it's something as exciting as a new Lamborghini, chances are that it'll be worth it in the end.

Following the barely-a-teaser shot released three months ago, this new image just released by the Italian factory gives us a glimpse at a section of what looks like the taillight on what is expected to be the company's new Murciélago successor. The Murci has served admirably in its range-topper role, having carried on in numerous variants since 2001.

What you're looking at is the first in a series of six teasers slated to be released by the Bolognese exotic automaker ahead of the car's expected debut at the upcoming Paris Auto Salon. The rest of the shots will undoubtedly follow in a timely fashion, so stay tuned.

[Source: Lamborghini]

BMW announces end of M6 production

2010 BMW M6

Like it or not, it's officially time to say auf wiedersehen to the potent M6. BMW has just announced that it has ceased production of both the M6 coupe and convertible. The uniquely styled GT cars primarily found favor here in the U.S., with a total of 3,528 of the hardtops and 3,247 convertibles sold on American soil. In total, the company managed to sell 14,152 of the cars since production of the M6 started in 2005. As you may recall, the drophead version didn't hit the assembly line until 2006.

We're sure the loss of the M6 is a heartbreak to some out there, but we know that there's a replacement model on the horizon, and we're more morose over the news that BMW is also sending the muscular V10 at the heart of the car to pasture at the same time. That's right, kids. BMW is no longer planning to shoehorn a 10-pot into any vehicle it makes, opting instead for forced induction and eight cylinders. The 5.0-liter engine with its astronomical 8,250 rpm redline is the stuff of mechanical daydreams. Or at least it was.

[Source: BMW]

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Future cars

Some of the latest expected cars of the future.

cars 2009 - 2012

Futuristic Japanese Cars

September 6, 2010

Mini Mercedes Benz

Mini Mercedes Benz

Sporty Mercedes Benz

Exotic Green

Mercedes McLaren

2010 Bugatti Sports Cars Veyron from Mansory by Linea Vincero d’Oro

MANSORY understands the importance of combining luxury and technology with the golden aspirations of this unique sports cars. Adding to the list of many modified Bugattis sports cars, Mansory LINEA Vincerò d’Oro has created this incredibly gaudy-looking Veyron. It’s got some design changes, it’s got some gold and it’s one of a kind. However, Mansory will perform this modifications for anyone who has the cash to pay for it.

With the LINEA Vincerò d’Oro, MANSORY has completed its strictly limited series sports cars for the refined Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sports cars. Using targeted changes, MANSORY first transformed the Bugatti Veyron sports cars into the LINEA Vincerò and then, using a special gold-coloured alloy, into the unique LINEA Vincerò d’Oro.

This one-off super car tune job by Mansory is perfect for the individual with nearly inexhaustible wealth. The Mansory Linea Vincero d’Oro version of the Bugatti Veyron adds a carbon fiber aerodynamics kit and gold details on the grille, the tires, the door handles and gas tank. The interior is equally accented in gold color, but the rest of this beast is all Bugatti sports cars.

Along with such gaudy monstrosities as the Pepto-pink Bentley and the Polo Sport-on-acid Porsche Panamera, Mansory has modified the Veyron sports cars with the Linea Vincero range of accessories, including a full aero kit and highly polished carbon-fiber body panels that include copper threads interwoven into the material for even more flash.

MANSORY manufactures almost all the components in the car’s body from ultra-light, high-strength carbon and the autoclave method of hardening under high pressure and high temperatures used during the manufacturing process makes a huge improvement to the quality of the materials. One unique feature of the design of the LINEA Vincero d’Oro is the carbon fabric with inbuilt copper thread used by MANSORY, the metallic sheen of which really brings out the exceptional nature of this special sports cars.

2010 Bugatti Sports Cars Veyron from Mansory by Linea Vincero d’Oro
The sideskirts have also been remodelled, as to offer a more stunning look. To give the engine optimal cooling, Mansory has created larger air outlets to the side and rear of the Veyron. The diffuser has also had some work done, as to help with the handling of the sports cars.
Mansory and LINEA Vincero previously introduced a Bugatti sports cars with visual and performance upgrades that cost an extra $985,776 – on top of the sports cars.

Mazda Furai Wallpaper

Mazda Furai Wallpaper
Mazda Furai Wallpaper
Despite by the concept car that could be driven, rarely this car was driven exceeded 2 mph when being moved from transporter headed space pameran.Namun this did not happen to Mazda Furai, this vehicle initially the race car of American LeMans Series that was wrapped bodi just that was more "legal" to in the road umum.3 the Wankel Furai Rotor Machine progressed with E100 Ethanol that could give the power 450 powers kuda.Furai in significant Indonesian the "wind voice"

Ferrari F430 Gets a Unique Paint Styling

ferrai 430 calavera

The Ferrari F430 is going to make its way quite soon with the replacement of the vehicle at Frankfurt show; two German firms have joined hands to give F430 a real unique style of branding with their efforts, these firms are Novitec Rosso and Unique Sportscars.

The new tattoo-style painting, which is a masterpiece of well-known airbrush artist Knud Tiroch, is going to answer many questions that are not asked usually including how it looks like if spent too much time with it on beach at Venice.

The full work over to this vehicle has been given by Novitec with its double superchargers that will offer it 707hp that is a lot more than F430 Evoluzione and that seems quite exceptional with TuNero version and with its adjustable suspension and requisite 20” wheels.

Some nice changes have also been introduced in the interior that adds daytime strip lights aside from front splitter, Novitec body kit and lots of other modifications.

ferrari f430

With all these mods, the custom will be able to hit 60 in 3.5 seconds and it will be at 216mph at its top speed. According to Unique Sports Car, only 11 models of it to be introduced that really seems to make it a great choice for those who know that there is no accounting for taste. So, we can guess that will be offered only to some selected ones.


TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, Tesla, Roadster

It is often said that for green cars to be taken seriously, serious car buffs must realize that they can compete with the big boys. You see, most people think that you just can’t get proper mileage out of electric cars, that they are ugly, and most importantly, that they just can’t go fast. Well, to prove them wrong, and to start out our brand new Transportation Tuesdays series, we’d like to bring to you the top 5 greenest, fastest, and sexiest beauties on wheels that we’ve ever seen. Counting down from 5 to 1, here they are…

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, saab, aero-x

5. Saab Aero-X

It’s encouraging to see car manufacturers look for alternative fuel sources to power their vehicles. This particular concept by Saab comes equipped with an ethanol guzzling 2.8L twin-turbocharged V6 that can get you from 0 to 100kph/60mph in 4.2 seconds. Even cooler, the car has no doors, rather, the entire top canopy section of the car opens up, making it one of the most unique designs out there. Sadly, the car is still on concept stage. But one can still dream.

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, venturi, fetish

4. Venturi Fetish

Looking like something out of a spy movie, the Venturi Fetish is the world’s only in production electric sports car. While its top speed is only 100mph, it’ll give you plenty of power in the initial acceleration as it does a good 0-100kph/60mph in about 5 seconds. sadly, only 25 cars are being produced a year. But this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, citroen, c-metisse

3. Citroen C-Metisse Concept

Unveiled at the Paris show last year, the Citroen C-Metisse Concept is another attempt to create a diesel hybrid car. What’s so exciting about that? well this particular vehicle can operate in a Zero Emission mode, an all electric mode perfect for city cruising, while giving you access to the power of the diesel engine when needed in the motorway. While not as fast as the Saab, the fact that it has a mixed mode engine puts it just a bit higher in our list.

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, Toyota, FT-HS

2. Toyota FT-HS

Now when talking about power, you can’t help but wish that you had access to a FT-HS. So far, most of these have been concept cars. Not this one though, as this vehicle is scheduled to go into production in 2009. Soon we can all be salivating at the beauty of its advanced hybrid – gasoline system, capable of moving you from 0 to 100kph/60mph in an astonishing four seconds flat. Now that’s what we call power!

TRANSPORTATION TUESDAYS, green cars, fuel efficient, hybrid cars, hybird engines, engines, motors, diesel, sports cars, Tesla, Roadster

1. The Tesla Roadster

No list would be complete, without what is probably the greenest sports car in the planet. The Tesla Roadster, is the cream of the top. The fully electrically powered sports car can do 0-100kph/60mph in a little over 4 seconds. To give you an idea of how cool this car is, if we were to calculate the fuel efficiency of this vehicle it would be the equivalent of 135 miles PER GALLON! Not bad for a fully electrically powered vehicle. Take that Ferrari!

September 5, 2010

Why More And More People Want To Rent Luxury Cars

These days' people are for service providers that are looking to rent luxury cars. This may surprise some readers seemto. Why do people do this if they can opt for a brand new luxury car from the nearest dealer? The Answers can be found each other through the entire course of the article. The reader is expected to hire an underestimation on the paradigm, and an insight into the search for the most appropriate agencies luxury cars is also included.

One of the main reasons people choose to rent for luxury cars is because a new luxury car is just expensive. Auto manufacturers and dealers are having a hard time selling their products. This is mainly because of the global economic meltdown. People are released from their daily work. In such a scenario, no one is looking forward to buying an expensive luxury car? No people are intelligent in these matters and will save money for their future work rather than spending on expensive and newer luxury cars. It is called a salvation for the rainy season in simpler terms.

The second reason why people choose to rent luxury cars are involved in the high maintenance costs. Since you are not nationals, one, you are nothing of the details. Many changes to the conclusion that expensive cars are just faster than normal cars. Yes, they are faster, they are also faster depleting money out of pocket. Therefore, if you are in a kind of shady business practices, it is better to opt not for newer cars. Instead, you hold out for rent luxury cars. Your wishes will be met together with the usefulness of a conventional car. A car is a car, whether it expensive or not expensive.

If you are looking to rent luxury cars, then it is better to start thinking wisely. The scene is rich with many service providers in this area. Which to choose among them - this is a query that you went through your mind may occasionally? Let's put the facts straight. Rent a luxury car, you get free, but it's not as expensive as advertised and proclaimed by the car manufacturers and dealers (they remember having a hard time to sell their products, it is only natural that they badly about this business).

You can rent luxury cars without any form of doubts and questions to decide in your head. Make sure to read, and understand the laws, which presented before you. This will help you wriggle out of unlikely situations should arise something inappropriate. The prices are cheaper and perform well on any average person in the situation, the requirements of the advertised car rental agencies. In fact, the distance between you and the nearest real estate agent quickly diminishing with the progress of time. It is high time you took your family for dinner in the rented luxury car from you. You will like it.

BMW Cars

The BMW or (Bavarian Motor Works) first car made it's debut in 1916, when the first vehicle rolled off the line, like the assembly line. Of course it would take many decades before this line of luxury and high performance vehicles, it would possibly rightful place as the most recognized name in the high-end cars on the road today.

BMW is known for the variety of vehicles they produce, which enabled them to dominate has acknowledged in several different areas of the automotive market. In fact, it solidified its dominance with the introduction of the X-5 series of SAV Sports Activity Vehicle in 1999 to MBW they represent highly competitive SUV market, which this series has done quite well.

Since then, BMW has with the X-6-Series Sports Activity Coup, which gained a quick reputation as a reliable, powerful, very "followed in demand" sports car. BMW plans to introduce in addition to further their compliance with the SAV Concept X1, which is expected to be the most expensive and most powerful of all its sport utility vehicles as of yet.

BMW introduced the public to their third Series, or what is also known its Executive Class line of vehicles in 1975. You are currently in its third generation and are a synonym for luxury and performance, and their easily identifiable clear smooth lines. The current fifth Third generation of the BMW series includes but not limited to the course E92, E91 E90 Wagon of the family and luxury sedan.

Due to the incredibly positive response to their fifth Generation 3 Production vehicles received worldwide, BMW is now offering them a wide range of options unique feature. This includes amenities such as a DVD player with four separate LCD screens, remote engine start system and high performance headlights DMW.

Quite possible, the visible line or a series of BMW cars is the (i coup), with one of her best known are the BMW 135i, which is currently set in the range of $ 35,000. For over two decades now owning and driving a BMW from the coup i-Series one of the best ways for a young professional was living in the United States, Canada or Europe, to the world that they finally have a measurable degree of success achieved, announce their chosen profession.

Due to the incredibly wide range of vehicles across the line, BMW range in price from high to afford expensive high-end luxury sedan vehicles tend to appeal to BMW's to an equally wide range of car owners. Not only BMW's recognized for their comfort and driveability, but they also carry with them a well-deserved rejection of reliability, it holds out workshops.

Moreover, in recent years, luxury sedans BMW has become increasingly popular as a vehicle of choice for limousine conversions. Of course, as car buyers are increasingly aware of the need for fuel efficiency in a luxury car, BMW engineers have engaged in their cars were more economical then it already so well known for being.

Super Cars to Fit Both You and Your Family

Super car manufacturers do not get the thrill of the maximum speed up to these days. Everyone dreams about owning a car two-seater super horse with either jumping or a raging bull in front of the hood. When it comes to reality, one chooses a car or a slot hot these days for every day use.

Imagine going shopping or to send your children to school. Can drive two-seater such as the Porsche 911 super only when you give enough space for a child or some talent Nick from a supermarket in your local. In fact, the sports car of yesteryear is a great machine built it with the authority of well-balanced and accurate camel racing, but where is the practical application for daily leadership to bring your children home from school? Porsche, sports car known company based in Stuttgart and came out with the idea of a SUV. Porsche Cayenne is the answer to the daily use of the sports car, but wait a minute, is that not out of pocket rather than a sedan? Recently introduced for cars and face-lift Quattroporte, a sedan four-door luxury sports car. Engine with 400bhp in the hands of the driver, and this is the ultimate daily driver car enthusiast and want to drive his wife or children to the market or school. Four-door sedan that allows a wide space for passengers and a boot suitable for storage of materials. This is just the right to get a car for those looking for performance and luxury, and practical application. Forget the SUV, and car daily and practical high here, with being Maserati beginning of a trend.

After the success of the Quattroporte in the fact that cars a day, has recently unveiled the latest addition to Porsche families - hatchback sedan four doors. Called the Porsche Panamera, this is the answer to the wealthy families of four or less, and seats behind the bucket seats, in fact almost identical to that front, and a strong reminder of the Porsche sports itself. And based on Porsche Cayenne Panamera, that's just it sedan instead of an SUV. With engine options up to 4.8L to 400bhp, and this car 'family' is not ashamed to great racing heritage company of its own. Porsche plans to launch a hybrid model, the Panamera too and it will certainly be a blow to those who are in search for a hybrid sports car.

Very soon there will be a tendency for the family of super 'cars were going on with the practical application of the word in the minds of everyone. Manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin has unveiled a super sedans already on the four doors, the Tags as well as the Aston Martin Rapide. Both race Genealogy and both sedan with four doors. This may help to transform the market a bit, and asked wealthy businessmen to start worrying about an extra seat or two for their families, growth, or perhaps as a limo luxury for a business trip the company at the airport - fast.

With all the major manufacturers began to move away from the production of super cars only, the company vault and their plan too. They have also renewed Ferrari California Classic to be the car daily - too bad it's still in spite of two-door.

Flying Cars!

No, they come not only in movies, they are actually the real things you can get from point A to point B. The technical term is "movable Aircraft" and can, of course, both on the ground and air travel.

So remember, the Wright brothers? Okay, even the guy who was the actual flying car named Glen Curtiss invented, and they were literally as rivals. The truth is, fly the flying car is not necessarily "," hopped it only (as disappointing). The person who actually develop, the flying car was named Waldo Waterman. He met during Curtiss Curtiss was a pioneer work somewhere around the North Island from the San Diego Bay in 1910 or so. On 21 March 1937, that at Waterman's movable planes had flown into the air. Its wingspan was 38 feet and was about 20 feet long! There was something called the Studebaker-powered engine that, when it was in the air and on the street. His top speed was 112 km / h in the air and 56 km / h on the road.

Of course, after the Second World War, everything seemed like it was attainable, what people think, they would lead to "reinvent Flying Car" fairly soon. There have been many attempts have been made when it comes to that dream becomes a reality, but no one has really succeeded so far.

If everyone in the 1950s so anxiously for this to come, Ford Motor Company decided to do their research. They came to the conclusion that a flying car was possible, it would be used in case of emergency, police, military uses, and even for people just to have it so they can travel "luxurious." I think we can say that this is already invented the helicopter, but helicopters can not go on the streets or highways! If Ford had decided that they have enough research and were ready to start production of this "thing", made the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes clear that they do not build because it was at this particular time, all clear to fly transport aircraft since they had flight numbers, heights, and such things. They thought that the flying car would break this pattern and to only complicate things. They also thought that if one was not built properly, it can eventually destroy the crash and possibly a house or a building, which I personally think that they can be excessively dramatic.

 There are two types of flying cars:
-Integrated: All the pieces are included on board the vehicle.
-Modular: The pieces to be used for flying, are either at the airport or anywhere else, while driving on the left.

As of now there are people who do their best to get a flying car that people actually buy and use. Do not believe me? Fine. It is a car called Parajet Skycar that flew from London to Timbuktu in January 2009. It has a motor glider for a motive and a glider, with which it is to lift. Its top speed is 112 km / h on land and 180 miles into the run. Following this success, the producers plan to make it that more people can use and buy built for 50,000 euros! I think that is not more expensive in American dollars, right?

I would not be able to tell you what kind of wheels it has original aircraft have been generally larger wheels than regular cars, but I am sure that the wheels should have stainless steel and quite expensive.

Lamborghini Gallardo Auto Car

Lamborghini Gallardo Auto Car
Lamborghini Gallardo Auto Car
Lamborghini Gallardo Auto Car
This is Lamborghini Gallardo new luxury car and latest new model auto car dealers and are certainly new car sales curious plan with all the air of being the usual American were it not that what we say write auto car perfectly to reality! In Florida automotive car is Miami to be precise and there are manufacturer that recognize property new super car to their buyers and that is already included in the purchase price of the house in a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo automotive car.

Certainly we are not referring to the sale of houses belonging to social accommodation and it is a Gallardo coast itself as a luxury apartment so we refer to a property such as strange costs are the costs of buying this super car.

In this regard we recall great of this recall automotive car the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 has a 10-cylinder engine from 5.2 liters of dislocation direct injection with a power of 560 horses the accounts in hand with 40 hp more than the previous model and that can be which means greater performance certainly also the fact that the new designer car has lost.

The product is a auto car that accelerate from 0 to 100 times in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 325 km / h all consuming less of the past and also less polluting, as CO2 emission were reduced by 18%. Do you think the initiative has not been victorious? You wrong, so far, 35 apartments are sold and the time listed in this unique endorsement and sales have been just seven, if you want to book.

Toyota Automotive Car

Toyota Automotive Car
Toyota automotive car announced in the days past economic performance for the third quarter 2009 showing a dramatic slump in profits and amounting to 69% compared to the same period last year. The largest manufacturer in the world were particularly affected by the drastic contraction of the global car market and saw its share of sales fall 8% equity in a year and losing profits amounted to 139.8 billion yen compared to Q3 2008 .

In connection with this data are Toyota automotive car had to literally throw away his earnings estimates on 2009 is speaking of economic and financial crisis as something “unprecedented”. The group now expects annual profits amounting to 550 billion yen and against the budgeted 1250 and in practice after nine years of steady and gradual growth and profits FRANANDO suddenly by 68% in just twelve months

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Automotive Car

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Automotive Car
Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Automotive Car
This is such a great and advance conceptual design based manufactured car and whole working process I mean each part of body is based on latest unique design so I can say that is such a great and advance Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. And the Tokyo Auto Salon automotive car is dedicated to change that has for all time been followed by means of attention by the manufacturers.

Mazda for 2009 shows a big number of novelties and that will in fact revealed some prototype based on the present range and prepared for use at the track in Mazda 2 Circuit Trial are test Circuit Mazda 3 and the Mazda 6 Circuit Trial and Mazda RX-8 Circuit, all edited by Mazda speed and all aerodynamic kit, sports seats, plus circles with semi-slick tires, brake and sports property increased.

And absent a special version of the MX5 are despite the current restyling and the gallery shows the Mazda 6-Atenza Circuit Trial are all prototypes as color and graphics are the same. Headline the show will be 3 “Circuit Trial” models are together with a Mazda RX-8 Car in Demo and ATENZA is along with the all latest Mazda Road star kitted out in NR-A trim and packing Blistering dampers along with other race-ready parts.

Why Automatic Cars Require Torque Converters

A torque converter is a mechanical device, primarily used in cars that power by rotating a vehicle's engine to power generated transfers. It is part of a family of mechanisms such as fluid couplings "to use the hydraulic fluid to mechanical power transmission known. A converter is installed in automatic transmissions, making the job of a clutch in a manual transmission would enable the power-created by the engine to be distributed to the wheels.

There are three main torque converter parts: a pump, a turbine and a stator. The high performance of a converter depends greatly on the quality of these parts. The pump is connected directly to the motor, and rotates with the same speed as the engine. Torque repair is needed immediately if the pump goes out. The turbine then rotates at almost the same speed as the engine, but in the opposite direction. The spinning of the turbine caused to rotate the torque converter automatic and drives the wheels. The hydraulic fluid leaves the turbine in the middle, moving in the opposite direction, as it was forced through the pump.

A converter has three operating phases (a) stable, (2) acceleration and (3) coupling. While the accommodation and acceleration phases, in which torque multiplication occurs, the stator remains stationary by the action of one-way clutch. However, since the torque converter approaches the coupling phase, the energy and the volume of liquid back from the turbine is reduced gradually, thus the pressure on the stator to reduce the same. Once in the coupling phase, the liquid again reverse direction and then rotates in the direction of the pump and turbine, an effect that the experiment is to rotate front and the stator. At this point, the stator converter clutch and release the pump, turbine and stator is all (more or less) again as a unit.

Besides the very important task of keep your vehicle to a complete stop without stalling the engine coming, the torque converter actually gives your car more torque when you accelerate from a stop. Modern converter can multiply the torque of the engine by two fifty-eight time. This effect occurs only when the engine turns much faster than the transfer.

At higher speeds, the transmission catches up to the engine, eventually moving at almost the same speed. Ideally, if the transfer at exactly the same speed as the motor would move, because the difference in speed wastes power. This is part of the reason why cars with automatic transmissions get worse gas mileage than cars with high performance torque converter and transmission.

To counteract this, install a few cars a torque converter with a lockup clutch. If the two sides to speed up the converter, this clutch locks them together, so that the slippage and improving efficiency.

AmeriCorps torque is a torque converter shop, the all-in-one torque-repair specialist, torque Rebuild provider, reprocessing and torque socket. Install a high-performance converter to your car now and secure hundreds of dollars for repairs. They serve the areas of Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Polk.
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