November 20, 2010

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2012 Ford Focus by 3dCarbon

Ford continues its attack on the Los Angeles Auto Show with this next Ford Focus from 3dCarbon. It may not see even a glint of a power upgrade, but the styling and aerodynamic modifications do allow for a tremendous boost in the overall look of the car.
The very first thing we noticed on the car is the glossy black hood and the satiny film foil wrap covering the rest of the body. The windows are smoked-out with 3M window film and the 20-inch Series KM650-KMC wheels are painted in glossy black finish and wrapped in Falken tires – FK452. There are two red pinstripes accenting their way down the length of the roof and hood while the wheels also get a little red pinstripe action.
In addition to the styling benefits found on this Focus, the hatchback also gets a 3dCarbon roof wing, H&R Springs sport spring, and a FSWerks cat-back exhaust.
“This car builds on the already impressive styling of the new Focus with the unique touches we used, like the foil wrap and red accents,” said Ernie Bunnell, 3dCarbon vice president of sales and marketing. “The design of the Focus fits where the market is right now and the global appeal of this car is sure to be a hit with our customers.”
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Mercedes Prepares Diesel GLK For The US Market

While most of the manufacturers are considering hybrid and electric vehicles, Mercedes is considering a diesel version of the GLK crossover for the US market.
During an interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz USA President Ernst Lieb said: "We’ve got the GLK coming. And the next-generation C-Class sedan will share the 2.2L 4-cylinder clean-diesel engine that bears the brand’s Bluetec trademark. The C-Class will feature diesel availability right from the start when it arrives in 2013." The E-Class will also get a new diesel engine starting 2011. All of these new engines will include Mercedes new BlueTec technology.
You can see that Mercedes has big plans for diesel engines in the US market: "Overall, our goal is to be somewhere in the range of 15% to 20%,” he says. “And we’re slowly growing this."
This is quite an impressive move considering Mercedes recently had to recall about 2,300 2011 diesel models, including the M-ClassGL-Class, E-Class, and R-Class, due to leaky fuel filters.

2010 Campagna T-Rex 14RR

Ask any 5-year-old what a T-Rex is and they’ll tell you it’s the largest dinosaur ever with a ravaging hunger and killer teeth. Now we can’t think of what the connection is between this dinosaur and the Campagna T-Rex 14RR, but this car does not look ferocious or murderous, and can definitely not be considered the largest. So why the misleading name?

Well, Campagna doesn’t think it’s misleading as they describe the T-Rex 14RR as the "most ferocious pavement predator we make." It’s powered by a Kawasaki sourced 1400 cc inline-4 engine that delivers 197 HP and 113 of torque. The engine weighs only 1,040 lbs and is mated to a Sequential six-speed transmission that features custom designed mechanical reverse gear. Suspension components provide a smooth ride with excellent cornering ability and stability. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 3.92 seconds and its top speed is 144 mph. And if you want to take the T-Rex to the track, don’t worry, it comes loaded with lots of safety systems, including triangulated side walls and front crash zone, 3-point safety belts with adjustable shoulder straps, a reinforced safety roll-cage, and a safety belt warning light.

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The T-Rex 14RR features a modern Formula Racing inspired design with lightweight fiberglass body panels with 16" wheels at the front and 18" at the rear. The interior is ergonomically designed and features carbon fiber visors, a unique design seat with custom embroidery, a carbon fiber steering wheel, and adjustable seats and pedals. It will be offered in three exterior colors: white silver, spicy red, and assault green.

The in-dash electronic instrument cluster is includes all of the usual stuff like a speedometer, trip computer w/odometer, trip meter, achometer, oil & engine coolant temp warning lights, fuel gauge, and flasher indicators. The cargo is removable, lockable, and waterproof. The T-Rex also offers the possibility of optional rear side bags.

Okay, so maybe the silhouette does look a little like the massive dinosaur. The price isn’t so big though, as this not-so-extinct T-Rex costs $56,500.

November 17, 2010

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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Confirmed For Race Of Champions 2010

The most successful race car of all time is set to meet some of the most successful race drivers of all time at this years’ Race of Champions. The event is an absolute riot of fun and includes cars and bikes from all forms of FIA Motorsport. At the end of every year, newly crowned Champions of their respective disciplines are pitted against each other in head to head battle. Drivers are asked to step out of their comfort zone by performing on a make-shift course in cars they don’t usually drive – which makes for interesting and entertaining racing. Not to mention the fact that all around driving skill is absolutely pivotal to success. Ever wondered how S├ębastien Loeb would fare against Michael Schumacher, both driving Porsche GT3 Cup cars? Well come November 27th-28th in Dusseldorf we’ll find out.
The 3.8 liter 450 hp 911 GT3 Cup will be one of many uber cool cars being used at this years’ event and American Le Mans winner and ROC newbie, Jeroen Bleekemolen, will hope that he can drive as many heats as possible behind the wheel of his Porsche to gain an advantage over the superstar lineup. Drivers will experience superb handling and 8500RPMs of aural pleasure that is rivaled by few other cars. Traditionally, the course is tight and will allow the GT3’s handling ability to come to the fore. We look forward to all the action.
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Akrapovic Adds Some Growl To The Mitubishi Evo X

akrapovic adds some growl to the mitubishi evo x

A few days ago we brought news of a Ferrari 458 Italia that got an extra 11hp just by getting an Akrapovic exhaust system put in, and now we bring you another model that has received the same treatment. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X has had its output bumped with the use of a lighter exhaust system from Akrapovic.
A standard Evo X is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit that delivers 295 hp at 6,500 rpm and 366 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm. That’s not bad for a sports sedan, but with the new entry level slip-on exhaust system, which is 5 kilos lighter than the stock one, that output has been increased by 11 HP and 9 NM. Move up to the Evolution system, which is 16 kilos lighter than the stock, and the car finds itself with an extra 31hp and 26Nm of torque.
The new slipon exhaust system features a dual “split muffler” design that incorporates a unique cast titanium Y-shaped collector and flange assembly. The casting allows for a higher-flow and is more intricate than using cut and welded tubing. The
The new Evolution System includes the same two titanium mufflers, but adds a high-flow link pipe that bolts directly to the factory down pipe.

November 16, 2010

2012 Mercedes CLS63 AMG

mercedes cls63 amg

Mercedes is hitting the LA Auto Show floor with another version - the better one - of the recently launched CLS-Class. The CLS AMG will be making its debut only two months after its standard brother hit the showroom floor in Paris, and it’s bringing some heat.
A standard CLS model is offered with either a 204 HP six cylinder engine or a 408 HP V8, but the AMG version will use a 5.5-liter biturbo V8 engine that will deliver a total of 518 HP and 516 lb.-ft. of torque. There will also be a Performance Package that will increase the engine’s power to 550 hp and 590 lb.-ft. of torque.
Other new Mercedes-Benz models set to be presented at the L.A. Auto Show include the redesigned CL coupe and R-Class crossover, as well as the all-newE-Class Cabriolet.
Updated 11/16/2010: Prior to the official unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes has offered the first official images of the 2011 CLS 63 AMG. Enjoy!
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Umbrella Auto Design gives the Nissan GTR an interior you’ll have to take to the cleaners

umbrella auto design gives the nissan gtr an interior you 8217 ll have to take to the cleaners
How is it that some people can turn something that already looks sickeningly awesome into something even better? It takes some talent, I’ll tell you that. And on top of talent, it also takes some brilliant piece of innovation.
Umbrella Auto Design seems to have both of those things – talent and innovation – in abundance considering they managed to turn the Tokyo Drift interior of an already stunning Nissan GT-R into a dressed up piece of black suede awesomeness.
These guys went to completely all-out on the project, overhauling the whole interior using Black Ultrasuede with silver stitching. They replaced the dashboard, the console, the side panels, the seats, the subwoofer cover, the tray, and the steering wheel. The only things they left out are the floor mats, although we won’t be surprised if they actually used some suede on them.
The result is something undeniably sick you’d probably wonder why Nissannever considered doing something like this with the GT-R. Then again, that’s what aftermarket shops are for, right?
One thing we do know is that nobody’s eating French fries or drinking Mountain Dew while inside this car. You can take that to the bank.

Kia Proport Concept

kia proport concept

Sometimes, it’s just about letting our imaginations run wild. Without the restrictions of real world regulations, there’s no telling what kind of concept car lurks in the deep recesses of our minds. For designers like Mohammad R. Shojaie, channeling those thoughts and putting ink on them is easier compared to the less-capable designers out there like us.

In this instance, Shojaie takes a brand that’s not known for being sporty and gives them a concept car that’s got edge and aggression written all over it. Calling it the Kia Proport – it’s an amalgamation of Pro plus Sport without the “S” – Shojale’s concept is a completely different take from the current design language Kia is doing these days. Translation: you won’t mistake this concept for a family car.
The swooping lines and aggressive treatment define Shojale’s work of art. The artist didn’t mention any technical specifications, but he did come out with something that all of us would want Kia to make someday. And since, the brand is looking into building a sports car in the near future, let’s all hope that they take a look at what MR. Shojaie has done for them.

ADV.1 Wheels ensures that the Ferrari F430 rolls deep

Some cars are just so inherently awesome that there’s no need to do any added work on them. Don’t get us wrong, adding tuning packages to these types of vehicles doesn’t hurt, but they don’t really need them. It’s kind of like giving a genius a book on something he hasn’t quite mastered yet; not knowing doesn’t make him less of a genius, but knowing makes him that much smarter. The Ferrari F430 fits that bill to a tee. You may have a perfectly spectacular Ferrari in your garage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on it.
That brings us, of course, to ADV.1 Wheels, one of the best after market rims suppliers this side of the galaxy. Known for their performance, reliability, elegance, and uniqueness, ADV.1’s latest line of Super Deep Concave rims is the perfect cherry on the sundae on your Ferrari 430. The three-piece forged wheels come in four sizes – 19”, 20”, 21” and 22” and are available in two finishes: Brushed gunmetal lip with glass clear and Matte brushed titanium center. You can check out how it fits with the Ferrari F430 through the photo gallery. Be sure to wipe the drool off your faces when you’re done.

Suzuki Satria FU 150 MotoGP Custom MOdified

Suzuki Satria FU 150 MotoGP Custom MOdifiedSuzuki Satria FU 150 MotoGP Custom MOdified

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November 14, 2010

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Electric car

An electric car is a plug-in battery powered automobile propelled by electric motor(s).

Although the electric motor often give the acceleration speed is good and acceptable in general higher, and low energy specific batteries available for production in 2010 compared with carbon-based fuels means that electric vehicles require batteries that are part of a relatively large mass of vehicle, but still often What gives relatively low, ranging from the charges against him. Recharge can also take significant lengths of time. For shorter trips within some passengers, rather than long-haul flights, electric cars are practical forms of transport and can be recharged expensive overnight. Currently the longest flight range of options followed by the installation of battery swap infrastructure in all cities throughout the pilot plant several, such as Tokyo.
Electric cars have the ability to reduce pollution significantly by the presence of zero-emissions city tube tail. Savings vehicles greenhouse gas emissions depends on how to generate electricity. With the energy mix in the present United States, using an electric car that would lead to a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Given the current energy mix in other countries, has predicted that the emissions would reduce by 40% in the UK, 19% in China, and less than 1% in Germany.
It is expected that electric cars have a significant impact in the automotive industry because the benefits of pollution in the city, and reduce dependence on oil, and the expected increase in gasoline prices. And world governments pledged billions of dollars to fund the development of electric vehicles and their components. The United States pledged $ 2.4 billion in federal grants for electric cars and batteries. China announced it would provide U.S. $ 15 billion to start in the manufacture of electric vehicles. And the chief executive of Nissan's Carlos Ghosn, one of the 10 cars in the world will run on battery power alone by 2020. In addition, a recent report claimed that by the year 2020, electric cars, "green" cars will take the other one third of total global car sales.
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