October 13, 2011

Find 4 Star Hotels In London - Travel

4 star hotels in London provide for a more affordable accommodation in London for the middle range tourists.

"Star" is a hotel rating which is the most trusted and popular hotel rating in the world. All hotels in most of the countries in the world follow this rating in order to have a standardised system so that international tourists do not have a problem with choosing hotels when they travel to far off countries. In this era of globalization this is a necessary development since most people do not stick to known territories but rather venture off to far away lands for travel and exploration.

To maintain uniformity and harmony across all grading schemes, the only grading schemes in operation are the Automobile Association and that of the National Tourist Boards. They are the same all over Europe, be it Wales, Scotland (The Scottish tourist Board) or Ireland (The Northern Ireland tourist Board). There is an additional rating apart from one star to five star (that is, from the lowest to the highest) there is also a red star rating given to a hotel which is the highest rated and is said to be the inspectors choice. This is given to the best of the best hotels.

4 star hotels are just one level below the 5 star luxury hotels and there is a minimum difference in amenities and facilities as given by both these hotels. The facilities given by 4 star hotels take great care of the guests and make you feel luxurious. These are also called the first class superior hotels and do not lack much from the luxury hotels which are the 5 star hotels.

The services offered by 4 star hotels in London are broadly as follow: the reception there is open for the maximum time of the day, mostly for 18 out of the 24 hours and thus, you have a wide window when you can check into the hotel. The room service is available round the clock so you can get whatever you want anytime of the day or night. There is a breakfast buffet which is most of the times complementary to the guests which is also available through room service. There is also the mini-bar service which again can be ordered via room service. The rooms have all comfort accessories so there is an upholstered couch which gives you a comfortable space to read or just relax and watch TV.

The bathrooms are spacious and luxurious and all the various products and accessories are available in the bathrooms. Luxury toiletries from some of the best brands in the world are available in the bathroom so that you can relax in your bath and have a good time. In this information age where no one can work without internet, full connectivity is provided in the rooms regarding that as well. There is also other technology apparatus which are the HD TVs and Satellite channels in the rooms.

Food is also a delectable spread of one of the classiest dishes in the planet so that you can enjoy world cuisine under one roof in the hotel. The restaurants are all "la carte" and offer you sumptuous meals which are a delight to consume.


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